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We are a New Zealand based company, called RUSSIANZ Ltd and registered in New Zealand in July 2003. Our main domain is www.RUSSIANZ.Biz We established the company with the express aim of providing quality products to the New Zealand market at prices which would represent best value for money.

Our Managing Director is a retired Major, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. He is also a very keen hunter and shooting enthusiast with a love of the outdoors. He also holds several professional qualifications and insists on a professional, honest business transaction. His Christian values and ethics dictate the manner in which we conduct our business.  

Russianz Ltd has been appointed exclusive distributorship for New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands by Barnaul Cartridge Producing Plant – Russia and is a Partner with the Russian plant:

It is our aim to provide Barnaul Ammunition, through on-line purchasing, to a wide population of shooters so that hunting and shooting can be an affordable and pleasant endeavour.

We trust that you will become one of our many happy customers and we look forward to providing you with best value ammunition and good honest service.