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General Guidance


Want to Buy?


Firstly, we are sorry but we are experiencing difficulties getting our “Shopping Cart” up and running. It seems that the vagaries of our packaging and Dangerous Goods classifications are proving rather difficult for the programme to fathom out.


In the interim, complete the “Contact Us” form and list out what you want from the Price List. We will provide you with reference details for banking. Depending on the quantity you are ordering we will proceed from there. Limited Quantity Dangerous Goods will require the Order to Purchase Ammunition form to be completed.  You can easily check the category of your order by looking at the Freight Weight Calculator.


We do not accept Credit Cards.

We can offer "Pick-Up" from our Heads Road facility BUT require pre-arranegment for this. Make arragments via email. 




Please deposit the money into our account:


-           We will provide details on receipt of your order.


Use the reference provided.


If the order was for under 5 Kg of ammunition [Limited Quantity Dangerous Goods - LQDG], then please  return the completed Order to Purchase Ammunition form. You can download an order to purchase ammunition form in PDF format here.


If the quantity is in excess of 5 Kg, then nominate the Mainfreight depot for the ammunition to be delivered too and provide your full name, address and telephone [daytime] contact number.


Use the Weight Calculator on the web page to determine the weight of the order.


Note, if it is LQDG, then the Courier will deliver it to the address on the Order to Purchase Ammunition form.

Your rights in regard to purchasing Mail Order Ammunition/Weapons.

 Pursuant to Section 43A Arms Act 1983

 43A Mail order sale of firearm or ammunition

  • (1) Every person commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $1,000 who sells by mail order a firearm or any ammunition for a firearm or restricted weapon otherwise than pursuant to a written order
    • (a) signed by the purchaser; and
    • (b) bearing an endorsement signed by a member of the Police and stating that the member of the Police—
      • (i) has inspected the purchaser's firearms licence; and
      • (ii) is satisfied that the purchaser is a fit and proper person to purchase that firearm or ammunition.

(2) Nothing in this section applies in relation to—

  • (a) any pistol, restricted weapon, or military style semi-automatic firearm; or
  • (b) any ammunition for a firearm to which paragraph (a) or paragraph (b) or paragraph (c) of section 22(1) applies.

Section 43A: inserted, on 1 November 1992, by section 21 of the Arms Amendment Act 1992 (1992 No 95).

See link:


This is a “Buyer Generated Form” and does NOT require information from the “Seller”.


The Police form requesting details of the Seller and information regarding the serial number of the weapon being purchased is incorrect and cannot be insisted upon as the “only form they will sign”.  Police have a Statuary duty to sign any form that meets the requirement of Section 43A of the Arms Act 1983.


Following the fiasco of the Heather du Plessis - Allen incident and theTV3 Documetnary, NZ Police have instigated a new policy in relation to AA 43a. whereby they  will only issue a Mail Order Form under their format and request details of the Seller/dealer. While we contend this this is illegal, in the interrests of public Safety and good order, we comply with this proceedure.

Information requierd by NZ Police for their Mail Order Form is:

Dealer License Number; T5109723

Address;     Wanganui

Email;         jim@Russianz.Biz

Telephone; (027) 315 3185