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308 on Fallow Deer Hunt

BARNAUL 7.62 x 51 (.308) 140gn SP 

Rob, from Tussock Country Sports in Wanganui, was out shooting with me at about 8:30 on a stinking hot evening in the Parapara’s , about 30 minutes drive from Wanganui. It was really humid and about 24 degrees centigrade – Rob being fitter (and younger) than me wasn’t blowing as hard as me and noticed the deer first but was obstructed from taking a clean shot by a tree and some shrubs.


He was frantically whispering to me - “do ya see it, look it’s down there – can you see it?”  Of course I couldn’t see it – I’d have shot it if I had! I was looking down a re-entrant with broken scrub and pine trees and for the life of me just couldn’t see any deer. Then from behind a fallen pine tree, a small black head popped up – we were fortunately down-wind and she had no idea we were there.


In one flowing motion – rather like shot gunning – I brought the 308 to shoulder; closing the bolt as I did so, put the cross-hairs on the snout and bang! By the time I had controlled the recoil, the deer had disappeared. “Yer got it!” – Well, was there ever any question? One shot from Barnaul 7.62 x 51 140gn SP entered the snotter and exited the back of the head before just grazing the back of the shoulder. Never knew what hit her! The yearling Fallow Hind (without young) was in excellent condition and was destined for the cook pot, not a mark on any of the meat.


Rob noticed another Hind make a break for it – seems like they don’t like the noise from a 308! Not to be out-done; Rob bagged his own hind and we shouldered them for the walk out.


All in all, a great evening.  The confidence Barnaul ammunition gives you, allows you to take a tight shot, knowing that the bullet will do it’s job: that is dependable, performance ammunition!