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Most knowledgeable shooters now realise that Steel shot is a poor substitute for lead shot. The Russians knew that right from the beginning and did not switch production from lead shot to steel shot. Now that vast areas of water-ways are contaminated by rust slime, environmentalist can start making a noise over the use of Steel shot and also, perhaps they may start complaining about the number of ducks dying of septicaemia, caused by the steel shot – something that didn’t happen with lead shot because the body could “seal off” the lead; there are many people walking around today with lead bullets still lodged in their bodies and they don’t get septicaemia.  Not only that, the lead forms an oxidation coating when in the water and doesn’t affect anything.  So for these and other reasons, we do not produce or sell steel shot. The rest of the world will soon follow suite.


BARNAUL manufacture metal, plastic and cardboard cases for 12ga shotgun. However, it is IMPORTANT to note that cases should not be chambered in chambers that are too small for them – DO NOT chamber a 70mm case in a 65mm chamber as this can increase pressures dangerously and may result in damage to the weapon and injury to the shooter.


The metal cases produced by BARNAUL are a seamless case with a stamped anvil primer pocket, with three ports, for CENTROBOL primers.


The cases are very strong, water resistant and very durable. They can be reloaded in excess of 100 to 150 times and we have had reports of up to 300 reloads from a single case.


Note that velocity rating for BARNAUL shotgun ammunition is taken at 10 metres (33 feet) and approximates what many other manufacturers offer as muzzle velocity. The slug is rated at 400 m/sec [1,312 fps] at 10 metres and the shot at 330 m/sec [1,083 fps] at 10 metres.  Our 5mm lead shot load is extremely effective on goats, and one client was using it on pigs! The 5mm lead shot was a load of 49 lead pellets which effectively was akin to firing 49 .22LR at the same time!


.410 shot is rated at 490m/sec [1,607 fps] at 10 metres. Devastatingly  effective!


Here are the Russian shot sizes and their metric diameter.