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7.62 x 39 125gn BARNAUL

7.62 x 39 (M43) 125gn  BARNAUL 



All ballistic information is provided in good faith and Russianz Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.



Arguably the most under-rated calibre in New Zealand today!

This round is ideally suited to New Zealand conditions and a wide range of shooters and locations.  Earlier imports of cheap and ineffective ammunition, coupled with poor quality auto-loading weapons from Asia did nothing to enhance the reputation of this fine round - or the excellent weapons available in this calibre.  Check out some of the exciting rifles we are importing! Having fired this round and weapons in Russia, we can attest to the incredibly low recoil, blast and report - it is a fantastic combination for bush and scrub. However, use commonsense - take a kill zone of 200mm  and sight for 200m and you will still be in the kill zone at 245 m.  If you want to shoot out beyond that then you are getting your game substantially beyond the average engagement range - maybe you really do need a cannon - and your bush is very open.


Killer Cross – the DoC ranger on the West Coast, reported that they shot a goat at 180 metres [with BARNAUL 125gn SP] through the shoulder and killed a goat standing behind it!  All that from a 39mm case!


As with all shooting information - USE COMMONSENSE!

Check out the Ballistic Calculation Tables, select what you think is right for your situations and then GO OUT AND TEST!