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A Happy Chappie

 Every so often, we get a happy client write in to us and share a hunting/shooting experience with BARNAUL ammunition or projectiles.


 Mark wrote in to tell us of the success he has had with BARNAUL 62gn projectiles and had the following to say:


 “Those 62 gr .223 projectiles have been productive, was getting too many skin poppers with the 55gr I used to use (not yours) and was loosing confidence in taking on larger animals except as head shots and even then thinking twice.

 The 62 grs hang together nicely and normally give an inney and outie hole unless a lot of bone gets in the way. I have taken two pigs, several dozen goats including this guy, and  a lot of hares and rabbits with them.

 This guy was shot from 90 yards in a scrubby clearing, he and three other billies were competing for the affections of "a lady". First shot dropped him cold, the others didn't even notice, and I got one more before the penny dropped and the nanny gapped it taking her last boyfriend with her.

 The head measures 31 3/4 inches,

I won’t be going back to 55gr projectiles these are a winner.


 The solid lead core BARNAUL projectiles are proving to be top performers. Those who can get over the very low price of BARNAUL projectiles and actually try them; are finding out what great value they really are.