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9 x 19 Parabellum



This cartridge was developed in 1902 by George Luger [hence the often referred term, 9mm Luger].  The correct nomenclature for the round is 9 x 19 mm Parabellum.  [Parabellum, literally meaning “for war”].


In 1904, the power factor of the round was increased and it was incorporated into the German Navy. In 1908, it was incorporated into the Germany Army; 1908 Luger pistol.


Initially, the projectile had a flat pointed conical shape (in the form of a truncated cone). In 1915, it was changed to an ogival and has retained that shape up to present.  


CJSC BARNAUL Cartridge Plant has been producing this cartridge since 2001. The Engineers and technicians at BARNAUL, spent a lot of time and effort in designing the optimum parameters for this cartridge and the technology and machining used, produced a round with enhanced accuracy and a decreased ricochet factor – important for civilian applications. The combination of high quality and low cost, have established this round as a market standard. [See the 9mm Test results from the Independent Moscow SSCE]. The tests proved conclusively that BARNAUL 9mm ammunition was the most accurate of the test sample and exhibited the lowest ricochet factors of all rounds tested. 


BARNAUL produce this round to meet strict industry standards and in 2004, received the Certificate of conformity No. POCC RUSA02.B08018 for 9x 19 Parabellum (9mm Luger). The cartridge is in use throughout Europe and in many countries around the world by Security and Policing services.


The cartridge will operate in a range of  +50 degrees Celsius to – 50 degrees Celsius. The FMJ round has a projectile weight of 11.4g [115gn] and velocity of 376 m/sec  [1,234 fps]. The HP round has a projectile of 9.4g [145gn] and a velocity of 320 m/sec [1,50 fps].  Guaranteed shelf life is 10 years.