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140gn SP .308

Barnaul .308 140gn SP


Recently, my daughter brought her “Army” boyfriend home for the weekend. She had told him about my SVD and of course, he wanted a look at it. It turned out, “a look” wasn’t enough! He had to shoot it!  Well, the day was pretty windy with very strong wind gusts, but other than that – OK for a shoot at the range.


I decided to check out the new scope I had put on my Parker Hale .308 – I had only bore sighted it and needed to get it shooting somewhere on the paper before zeroing it.


Off we went to the range and I gave him about two packets of 7.62 x 54R 185gn FMJ to fire off in the SVD.


We took turns at different targets – he fired a group – then I did etc.






 My first group was high and slightly to the left – all within 20mm. The second group was lower, slightly to the right and opened out to a 40mm group – not enough adjustment and too much wind!


The third group was too much adjustment, slightly low with one “flyer” caused by either the wind or my bad shooting.


Then we got a break in the wind – a relatively calm patch and I decided to make a small adjustment to the scope and fire off a group.  Tell you what – not a bad group at all! Absolutely nothing wrong with the shooter, the rifle or Barnaul Ammunition!