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NEA-15 Test

It is always pleasing to receive warm praise from happy shooters – we don’t list all of our compliments here, but some warrant mention.

 Here is a shooter who has been using BARNAUL ammunition for quite some time and has recently bought a NEA-15 in 5.56 x 45 calibre. He has continued his trust in BARNAUL by using it in his new rifle and is very pleased with the results.

 This is what he has to say:

 "I have put 151 rounds of Barnaul 62gr HP through my brand new NEA-15,

.223 Rem with an 18” barrel, 3x9-38 scope and it has preformed outstanding! I have managed to get great performance with this ammo, consistently getting groupings with a spread of no bigger than 1.5”, and the majority of them 1” and under at 100 metres.

 Putting it through a crony, it is very consistent with the average of

4 shots being 2873ft/s, with a maximum difference of 22ft/s.

 I have shot goats from ranges of less than 25 metres all the way out to over 200 metres, and they all dropped first shot. It seems like the performance of these rounds do not drop. I am very pleased with it and I’m sure other customers are as well!"

 Name and address supplied on request.