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7.62 x 54R 203gn SP



All ballistic information is provided in good faith and Russianz Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.


What an amazing cartridge - over 100 years of use as a military round and STILL in front-line service with the Russian Army.  No other round can match this one for longevity - introduced in 1891 and still front-line. This 203gn SP round is designed for larger game and is ideally suited to the 300 metre range. The heavy bullet holds it's down range performance well and with a shot placed in the kill zone, will account for any game in New Zealand - out to great ranges.  Taylor KnockDown values still rate it as GOOD for Deer at 800 metres!  Our tables tend to err on the side of sensibility - we hope, and reflect shooting ability as well as the potential of the round. Judgement of bullet drop, correctly judging range etc all play a part in when you take a shot; just as much as the potential of the round. Over 400 metres, the round tends to drop considerably and requires range practice for correct placement. This round is capable of very surprising accuracy and the writer has many successful shoots with this round in an SVD/TIGR rifle.


As with all shooting information - USE COMMONSENSE!

Check out the Ballistic Calculation Tables, select what you think is right for your situations and then GO OUT AND TEST!