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7.62 x 51 (.308Win) 140gn SP

7.62 x 51 (.308Win) 140gn Soft Point



All ballistic information is provided in good faith and Russianz Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

This would have to be the best all round calibre for New Zealand.  Most of us shoot up to 300 metres - well a few of us.  Most will probably take shots between 50 and 150 metres and in that range there is nothing in New Zealand that will stand up to one of these rounds - properly placed. A 200mm kill zone gives a point blank range of 275 metres if sighted in at 233 metres.  See the PBR of the 168gn bullet and you will find that you can interchange these rounds without adjustment. I have a Parker Hale .308 that “clover-leafs’ three rounds of BARNAUL 140 gn SP at 100 metres. For off the shelf accuracy and straight-out hitting power, this takes a lot of beating.  However, some rifles prefer a heavier projectile and may suit the 168gn SP better – like my son’s Parker Hale; it shoots the 168gn SP better than the 140gn.

As with all shooting information - USE COMMONSENSE!

Check out the Ballistic Calculation Tables, select what you think is right for your situations and then GO OUT AND TEST!