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7.62 x 51 (.308Win) 168gn SP



All ballistic information is provided in good faith and Russianz Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.


This is a hard hitting, accurate round for hunters who are shooting at longer ranges or who require the additional performance of the 168gn projectile.  Many argue that 165 to 170gn is the ideal ballistic weight for this calibre; BARNAUL 168gn SP falls nicely into this range and provides uncompromising accuracy and performance for off the shelf ammunition.


This round is very, very close to the PBR of the 140gn bullet, so close that most of us would never tell the difference!  Sight between the two and swap rounds without adjusting the sights.


As with all shooting information - USE COMMONSENSE!

Check out the Ballistic Calculation Tables, select what you think is right for your situations and then GO OUT AND TEST!