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We have a selection of quality Russian MUROM non- corrosive BOXER primers available.  These are 20% more sensitive than NATO standard and perfectly suitable for all firearms that have not been tampered with or tricked up. MUROM primers are subject to a drop sensitivity test and pass the CIP standard for civilian firearms/ammunition.  They are excellent primers and work very well. However, some handgun owners have modified their handguns to such an extent that the handgun will not detonate a standard industry conforming primer – this is not a fault of the primer.


We have many happy and satisfied clients using MUROM primers.


Prices EX Wanganui are:


KVB – 9                 Small Pistol Primer                        $45.30   per  1,000            G.S.T Inclusive


KVB  - 45              Large Pistol Primer                         $49.50 per  1,000              G.S.T Inclusive


KVB – 223            Small Rifle Primer                           $47.40 per  1,000              G.S.T Inclusive


KVB – 7                 Large Rifle Primer                          $58.00 per  1,000              G.S.T Inclusive


KV – 209SP          Shotgun Primer                               $65.70 per  1,000              G.S.T Inclusive


Generally we can courier up to 3,000 primers door to door in Urban NZ for $6.50 and 10,000 for $10.75.   ADD $5.50 if you are rural delivery.


NOTE;  A Mail Order Form [Arms Act 43A] is NOT required to purchase Primers.