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JSC – Barnaul Machine – Tool Plant.


The Barnaul- based joint- stock company "BSZ" is one of the largest production facilities that manufactures small arms cartridges in Russia.

Located in Altay, the history of our business dates back to the start of the Great Patriotic War of 1941- 1945, when the Podolsk cartridge manufacturing facility was evacuated to the city of Barnaul. Today we provide state of the art cartridge production capabilities. With the help of efficient high precision rotor and rotor- conveyor assembly lines we are able to meet the challenge of modern day production technologies.

In recent years powerful engineering and manufacturing potential has enabled us to design a range of cartridges featuring lethality-enhanced protective armour plating. The 5,45x39 (index 7N10 cartridge), with an "augmented- punch" bullet, is designed for the AK- 74 and AKS- 74U, and RPK- 74 submachine guns, is able to penetrate through an armoured vest up to 200 m.

A bullet from this cartridge can penetrate a 16 mm plate at 100 m. The 7,62x54 (index 7N13), is designed for the SGMB, PKM and PKT machine guns, and the SVD rifle, can penetrate a 10 mm armoured plate at 200 m, and individual armoured vests at 500 m. There are no better efficiency rates anywhere in the world. The PPL 6.18x60 mm change in designed for reloading AM- 23 and GSH- 23 aviation guns. All our products are certified and patented.

Because we work with highly efficient equipment, original production technologies, and highly skilled workers means that we can assure you of the top quality and stable costs.

Cartridges of Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant

JSC – Barnaul Machine – Tool Plant.

Barnaul Ammunitions Company is the largest munitions cartridge plant is Russia. Since 1994 the main focus of production of munitions has been on hunting, sporting activity and security services.

Centre-fire Cartridges for hunting and sporting

The technical policy of Barnaul Ammunitions Company, concerning manufacturing of cartridges for hunting and sporting, is based on several principles.

The first principle is the use of steel lacquered cartridge cases. Steel cartridge case manufacturing technology is a much more complicated technical process than that used in brass case manufacture. However, the performance of steel and brass cases while shooting, is similar and of equal influence on the weapon.

 Cost efficiency is the main advantage of steel case cartridges over brass cases. The cost of steel cases is lower and this is why Barnaul cartridges occupy the leading position in the Russia and CIS ammunition market. Barnaul Ammunitions Company cartridges offer exceedingly good value for money. Exporting of Barnaul Ammunitions Company’s cartridges was started in European and US markets during 1996 and continues to attract a strong following in these markets as well as spreading to many other world-wide markets.

The second principle - different bullet types:

• SP (Soft Point)
• FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)
• FMJ BT (Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail)

SP bullet has a soft tip at the head and as a result of the explosive energy released on impact; the projectile experiences substantial deformation without separation of the total projectile, allowing release of the highly destructive power. Tissue damage is substantial.

FMJ and FMJ BT bullets have a more refined and superior ballistic shape, which provides for better close grouping characteristics and down range energy retention. Because of the controlled, minimal expansion of the projectile, it is especially suited for the hunting of fur-bearing animals and thick-skinned animals that require deep penetration.

Third principle: all Barnaul-made cartridges are certified not only by Russia State Test Station (STS), but also by the European Safety Demands in Germany and Czech Certification Stations.

Today, European certificates have been issued for the following cartridges: 7.62x39 SP: 7.562x39 FMJ: 7.62x51 M.308 Win SP: 7.62x51 M.308 Win FMJ: 7.62x54R SP and 7.62x54R FMJ BT.

Let us consider rifle-gun cartridges, produced by Barnaul Ammunitions Company more thoroughly.

Hunting cartridges 7.62x39 SP and FMJ.

These cartridges do not need any additional advertising - they are popular world-wide cartridges, made so by the famous AK47.

Hunting cartridges 7.62x51A SP and 7.62x51M. 308Win

The appearance and adoption of American cartridges into the Russian market was far from auspicious. There is a story that occurred after the OCB-1 treaty had been signed, in that the US president presented a hunting rifle with a box of cartridges to L.I. Brezhnev, General Secretary of CC KPSS, to assess the product for hunting purposes. Brezhney gave directions to start manufacturing the weapon in USSR. The head of SCII institute, TochMash, received orders to complete documentations for the production of these rifles. In a short time the manufacturing of hunting rifles was started by "IZHMASH" and hunting cartridges 7.62x51A SP manufacturing was put into production at Barnaul Ammunitions Company.

Then in 1990's when Russian enterprises found possibilities in western markets, it transpired that dimensional characteristics of the rifles "Medved-3" and "Los-4" were beyond European safety requirements (CIP).

After these errors were eliminated, weapon and cartridge constructions began. "IZHMASH" assimilated production of rifle "Los-4". This was followed by the manufacturing of 7.62x51M.308 Win cartridges by "BMTP" JCS. The Letter "M" means that the cartridge is standardised according to specifications for .308 Win cartridge and CIP requirements. In 1995 "MOLOT" JSC, situated in the city of Vyatskie Polany, assimilated production of the rifle "Viper-51" - RPK machine-gun alteration and modernization. This was specifically made for Barnaul Ammunitions Company 7.62x51M.308 Win SP cartridge, the length of which is 68 mm. The magazine is elongated for full-length cartridges. In a short time Barnaul Ammunitions Company started production of 7.62x51M.308 Win FMJ with the length of 71.12 mm. The cartridge length complies with CIP requirements; which has a maximum length of 71.12 mm, but does not suit the magazine of the "Viper-51". So the process was discontinued.

It should be mentioned that 7.62x51M.308Win can be used in "Medved-3" and "Los-4" rifles, but 7.62x51A does not suit "Los-7" and "Viper-51" magazines.

Hunting cartridges 7.62x54R FMJ and SP

Out of all of the high powered cartridges, the 7.62x54R is one of the most popular in Russia.

Some hunters have been confused because there have been varying marking on the package, case bottom and stamps: 7.62x53: 7.62x53R: 7.62x54: 7.52x54R. This happened because the 53.72 mm case length was rounded off differently in various countries. After Russia became a member of the European Permanent Coordinated Commission, the final name - "7.62x54R" - of the cartridge was accepted. Presently, Barnaul Ammunitions Company has been actively developing new ranges of cartridges and assimilating them into production. In 1997 domestic and outdoor consumers became associated with several Barnaul novelties such as; 5.45x39 FMJ BT: 7.62x51 .308Win Super: 7.62x54R Super: etc.

Military cartridges are still used for hunting in Russia, even though it violates the "Concerning Weapon Usage" law. The main difference between hunting and military cartridges is in their bullet construction. Hunting cartridges contain only a lead core. Military cartridges are produced for specific performance purposes, they may contain blasting charges with tracer composition, or other non-lead components. The difference between military cartridges and hunting cartridges is the red or violet hermetic lacquer at the jointing point of the bullet and case, and at the primer and case. Also the top of the cartridges is usually a specific colour. In addition, there are different stamps, which are located on the bottom of the case, and the primer and case are different. Military cartridges have a plant code stamp. For instance, code 17 of Barnaul Ammunitions Company and the year of production, 96. Hunting cartridges have a cartridge type stamp also. For example, 7.62x39 and plant logo.

Civilian cartridges for smooth-bore weapons

Today, multi-loading shotgun "SAIGA-410" produced by "IZHMASH" JSC is respected in Russia and abroad, especially in the area of security services. Plastic case cartridges do not have the same qualities as the full metal case Barnaul Ammunitions Company cartridges.

 When a magazine sticks it causes delays and that is the last thing that the operator wants! Plastic case cartridges are not as good as steel cases for security services. Steel provides a strong and simple cartridge that feeds freely.

Barnaul Ammunitions Company manufactures .410 cartridges with steel seamless case that do not have any of the above-mentioned defects. These loads are keenly sought after in Russia and abroad.

12ga. cartridges with steel seamless case

The cartridge has attracted hunters (and re-loaders) because the case can be re-loaded repeatedly, more than 200 times and as a result, offers great value.

Barnaul Ammunitions Company does not only manufactures cartridges, they are also working on the production of hunting knives and re-loading equipment for cartridges.

Barnaul Ammunitions Company guarantees quality cartridges throughout the world – quality is our name.