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BARNAUL Outperforms Others



BARNAUL outperforms other factory ammunition – independent test.


We accept that we can never please all of the people all of the time. And particularly with ammunition, some rifles simply prefer different loads/brands and powders.  However, BARNAUL have endeavoured to provide the best compromise in loading to suit as wide a range of weapons and shooting/hunting conditions as possible.


In the prestigious New Zealand Hunting and Wildlife magazine [organ of the NZ Deerstalkers Association] they have completed a big review of .308 ammunition.  Most of it was in connection with reloading ammunition but they did test factory loads. On page 169 of the Winter edition 2010, they wrote:


“Of several factory rounds I have put through this rifle, the most astonishing accuracy find was probably the most inexpensive factory ammunition in this country at the moment. The Russian made 168grain SP Barnaul round proved surprisingly accurate off the 100 yard bench in my Weatherby .308 heavyweight rifle. Barnaul .308 ammunition should bring a smile to the face of the non-reloader, .308 rifle owners long suffering with the cost of most other factory ammunition. The standard 150 grain SP Winchester factory load ran a not too distance second, but at three to four times the cost”.


This is a very good write-up for Barnaul ammunition.  It agrees with our sales slogan – “Barnaul – Best Value”.